17 years ago, when I just started my career as a TV cameraman,  I was given the opportunity to be part of the broadcast crew of the EURO 2000 championship. Football had always been my favourite sport, so to be part of something like this was just incredible. The tournament’s games were filmed with over 24 cameras and I was the operator behind camera 22. Camera 22 was an additional camera and quite frankly, not that important. As far as I can remember, they’ve only used one shot during the entire match that day. But hey, I was part of one of the greatest, biggest sports events in the world and that was all that mattered..

During the years that followed I worked for Cinevideogroep (nowadays United) and have been part of the film crew during the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and several Champions League Games. It wasn’t just sports though that made my heart skip a beat (or two). In 2004, I was one of the camera guys at the first Tiësto concert of such a scale. A stadium concert which included a staggering 25 camera feeds!

I founded my company Final Kid in 2009 and have built an international music portfolio of clients such as: Fedde Le GrandUltra Music FestivalTiëstoKygo and David Guetta. Last summer, the latter invited me to be part of the most incredible project. David was producing the official anthem for the UEFA EURO 2016 and he reached out to me to create a film about this creative process and the purpose it served. This One’s For You was born. In addition, we got the UEFA to fully embrace this project, offering me access to all amazing tournament highlights for complementary use to my original footage.

This one’s for me!”

Truly a dream come true and an unforgettable project. It has been such an incredibly special ride! 16 years after being the operator behind camera 22 at EURO 2000 I was now offered the chance of a lifetime to create and direct this EURO 2016 film.

The knowledge I gathered back then – about capturing a sports match and the B-roll which tells its stories combined with all the insane projects I have done ever since might have made this film the best of me you’ve seen so far. A cocktail of everything I love: Music, Sports, Cinematography and kickass Editing. I guess you can say that this film has been in the making for the last 16 years. 😉 

This One’s For You is an authentic and true Experience Film. It illustrates the highlights of David Guetta’s career performing for 90.000 people under the Eiffel Tower in the city where he grew up and lets you relive everything you loved about EURO 2016. Most of all, This One’s For You is a film about UNITY and the timeless and contagious emotions surrounding events like these. Those often very primary emotions were at the center of all of my filmmaking. After all, both music and sports unite in the strongest of ways.

So I can promise you this: if you love football or if you like my work, the next 13 minutes will be worth your time. 


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