Experience Films

with all the right feels

A Final Kid Film is an immersive experience, with just one goal: to make you feel.

A great concept, a professional team, beautiful cinematography, the perfect soundtrack and a vibrant color grade. It’s the balance between storytelling and a seamless edit flow that make it an experience to watch.

Every element counts, all coming together into something to make you dream, transcending all the right feels, as you are there.

Who are we?

10 years ago filmmaker Charly Friedrichs created Final Kid and what started as a one-man band has steadily grown into an international team of the most talented filmmakers and producers.

Final Kid Films is a vibrant collective of creatives, ready to go the extra miles. From creating the first storyboards, taking care of a full video crew and the production itself to the editing process and exports in all sizes & formats; we offer the full range of services that go with in-house filmmaking.

Ensuring our films are worth our dreaming viewers time. Every second of it.

Want to get in touch?


Feel free to send us a message with your request or just stop by our office for a flat white and a creative meet up.